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As mental health professionals and adoptive parent mentors (as well as adoptive moms ourselves), we know just how few resources are available for supporting adoptive moms. As experts in working with adoptive moms, we've seen a lot of misinformation, tips, and tactics that simply do not work when adoptive parents are trying to create trust and connection with their kids. It is not uncommon for that lack of support and resources to leave adoptive moms feeling hopeless and struggling to deepen their connection with their children. Thriving Adoptive Mamas is designed specifically for adoptive mamas who are tired of not having the tools and support they need to have healthy, strong, and fun relationships with their kids - without feeling guilty or like a failing parent. It covers topics that help moms understand why typical parenting approaches don't work, why believing "love is all they need" and just giving them time to settle in are the absolute worst ways to have the lasting connection you want with your kids. It is up to us as parents to do our own work so our children can feel the love, safety, and connection they need to thrive.

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