Adoptive Mom Mentor & Healing and Mindset Coach

Gina Watkins LICSW

Hey Mamas!

I am an adoptive parent of two children through the foster care system and have helped 100's of women and moms over the last 2 decades as a social worker, licensed psychotherapist and certified coach.

I struggled for many years with guilt and shame about how I could not connect with my kids. I was frustrated, emotionally reactive and felt like a failure. 

Eventually, I was faced with a choice: Get support to help me raise my children with the love and patience they deserve or give up and let it continue to feel a whole lot worse for everyone. I chose my kids. Today my kids and I have a closeness and connection I did not think was possible and I have unbreakable bonds with each of them. 

Now I get the honor to support and mentor adoptive moms to go from overwhelm, heart break and self judgement to confidence, clarity and authentic connection with their kids.

Adoption is a unique and challenging parenting journey and you do not have to go it alone. We can do heck of a lot by ourselves but we don't have to and honestly, we are not meant to. 

My personal practice and professional training in Mindfulness, Somatic and Neuroscience-based Therapies, Attachment Theory and Nervous System Regulation gives me a wide range of knowledge and evidence-based practices to help you heal, grow and thrive! 

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