For Adoptive Moms

Thriving Mama Deep Dive Program

The Thriving Mama Deep Dive Program is a life-changing program to heal your past, own your inner power, and truly thrive in your relationship with your children.

6 Pillars of the Thriving Adoptive Mama

Pillar 1: Clear, Calm, & Confident Mama

Set yourself up for success in your mind, body, and home. This is the time to make yourself a priority. Create a safe space for your process, your growth, your emotions, and your whole self.

Pillar 2: Balanced Mama

Your emotional responses are unique to you and so is your nervous system. Being regulated isn’t always about being your most calm self. It means finding a BALANCE in your mind and body. Learn how to regulate YOUR nervous system so you can shift from ‘losing your cool’ to feeling in charge of your emotions and experience less stress and distance between you and your kids.

Pillar 3: Heart Connected Mama

Your HEART holds so much wisdom and courage. Learn to CONNECT with your HEART to find compassion and curiosity instead of anger and frustration. Move into a state of CONNECTION where you are able to feel present and grounded with your child so you can build unbreakable bonds.

Pillar 4: Nourished Mama

Stop the cycle of self-judgment, pain, and overwhelm so you can embrace all parts of yourself with love, acceptance, and compassion. Learn to NOURISH yourself with intention and attention so you can feel that sense of ease, love, and compassion with your children.

Pillar 5: Healed Mama

HEAL your past wounds and let go of the stories that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in negative patterns. Learn to show up for yourself and your children from your most authentic, beautiful, and whole being.

Pillar 6: Thriving Adoptive Mama

Be the THRIVING MAMA you are meant to be! YOU are her. She is YOU already and just waiting to be seen, heard, accepted, and loved for all her parts. Mindfully move forward with confidence and certainty that you have the tools and the innate ability to respond from your best self in the toughest experiences.

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